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Longevity Hacks.

The Studio

Warm and welcoming longevity studio, situated in a heart of Naperville Illinois. 

With our exclusive Face & Body Assessment test, data-based advice and a selection of premium supplements and skin-health boosters, we are truly a unique destination that helps clients look & feel their best!


Our MMINNT wellness assessment test usually lasts about an hour. To ensure your privacy during the appointment, we do encourage you to schedule your visit in advance. We will send you a text message confirming your appointment 48 hours beforehand.

Group Bookings:

For parties of two or more people, we do ask that you book well in advance. Please email us or call to discuss your particular requirements.

Before your MMINNT test:

Please read through the requirements for each test, available when you click on the images below.

The Studio.

Celebrity Longevity Hacks

Some celebrities seem to never age. Some go extra mile (hack) to stay fit and healthy. Some of them look so good that we had to check their daily health habits to be sure. Every effort counts when it comes to fighting aging. Here are a few of our favorites.

Celebrity Longevity Hacks
The Jefferson’s Lake House
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