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Face & Body Analysis

This is the first step to self-care optimization.


InBody570 Advanced Body Analysis + Wellness Guidance

 "Healthier bodies make better sex". 

MMINNT is very passionate about educating clients on how to build a beautiful and resilient body.

We will analyze how much Fat, Muscle and Bone mass you 

have, measure your Intra/Extracellular Water, measure Visceral Fat Level (a fat around your vital organs), calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate and so much more.

The InBody test is fast and non-invasive. You will receive a comprehensive Results Sheet displaying all key metrics and

will be able to track your progress overtime.

No surprise, it's a wake-up call for many. But don't worry,  

we'll guide you in the right direction to a healthier,

better looking you.


OBSERV520x Digital Skin Analysis 

This is an exclusive, one-on-one skincare consultation, backed by data. OBSERVE520x is a one-of-a-kind skin analysis system that uses advanced imaging and processing algorithms to produce the clearest pictures of the skin and expose the finest abnormalities, including those that lay beneath the skin surface.

3 Analysis Modes, 8 Different Lights will show fines lines and wrinkles, pores and loss of collagen, expose sun damage and Melasma patterns, uncover areas of vascular inflammation and show Hydrolipid distribution, just to name a few.

During this consultation, we'll discuss your daily beauty habits and provide you with expert advice on necessary

skincare products.


Add this feature to your Digital Skin Analysis if your goal is to have a complete skincare make-over! We will create a personalized skincare routine, from head-to-toes, using only premium products that will make you look years younger. 

Our product suggestions are non-bias, focusing only on anti-aging, pampering skincare that delivers results. 

Book Face & Body Scan and Receive 15% OFF Supplements 


Follow-up scan (if booked within 3 months)

$50/30 min - Digital Face Scan

$25/20 min - InBody Scan

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The focus is your Wellness Rejuvenation. With modern supplements and longevity boosters, you can optimize

your own biology in order to look and feel MINT. We source only the highest quality and the most advanced supplements to help our clients optimize 3 pillars of wellness:


Available at MMINNT Studio. Stop-by!


$55/30 min

It's our pleasure to assist you with your personal skincare questions and concerns. This quick consultation is all about helping you find fabulous skincare products. We'll do a quick visual assessment of your skin and help you find the best skincare for your needs. 

Appointments will be limited to 30-minute sessions.

Text or e-mail to schedule.


A luxury skincare product collection for

you, because - "Why Not?"

Hydrated and plump skin is a must-have for a red carpet event and the most requested treatment in Hollywood. To help you achieve that ASAP, we selected the world's top rated skincare and beauty tools and created the most indulgent self-care ritual for you to use at home. Your skin will look hydrated, plump and will glow with radiance. Available upon request.

MMINNT hand selects each product from top retail stores (Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom).

(8 item skincare set. Price excludes taxes and 10% MMINNT service fee).



Have the latest, the greatest and always anti-aging.

Your personal skincare advisor on demand! This service is for those who are interested in skincare, but really hate shopping or live busy lifestyle and need someone trusted to find the best products and give them an expert advice. 

With this "shopping assistance", we will guide you and help you pick the right skincare products for your skin, NOT what sales people want you to buy. We'll shop together at major beauty stores in Chicago.

If you live outside the state or simply don't want to shop, we will shop for you (in-store or online). Products will be mailed with original receipts, if you need to return anything.

(Your time is very valuable. To request a Digital skin analysis performed at your home, please inquire separately).

Personal Wellness Shopping service is charged per hour. Additional time will be charged $50 at 30 min increments.

(minimum 1 hr of service)

Facial Care


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